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Hey everyone! We wanted to start this post off by saying thank you to those who have been on this journey with us from the start; hopefully we have some new ones tagging along as well! With the new year well under way, we would like to get back to blogging a little more and start by talking a bit more about who we are, what inspired us to do what we are doing, and where we are trying to go from here.

For those who don’t know your tour guides, first off, we are both NC transplants. Maria was born in Argentina and spent some time in NY as well as Toronto. Although well-traveled, she has spent the majority of her life in NC. Paul was born and raised in Southern NY, making his way down to the Triangle 7.5 years ago. Over time we have both found beauty and awe in the greater world around us, as well as the happiness that food can bring to everyone. Being that we are both far from our original birth places, we appreciate seeing what else this world culturally has to offer. We both come from wonderful families and parents who have always shared a love for food and cooking for/with one another. Growing up is where our love of food most definitely came about. It reminds us of the ones we love and moments we have shared with those we are closest with. Food can put a smile on anyone’s face, a warmth to the heart no matter the time or day.

With the blend of Argentinian, Italian, and German heritages, sprinkled with some NY flavor, it was inevitable that we were to find a mutual admiration and love for both food and culture! We love to cook and experiment with food and flavors, Maria especially loves to bake (and Paul enjoys being her test dummy)! Outside of our passion for food, we crave adventure and experiencing something new. There is nothing we dislike more than the monotony of sitting at our desks and just dreaming of the world around us. We would rather put our dreams into action! The way we look at it: this world is too vast and too beautiful to just let it pass us by. While we can, we would like to experience as much of it as possible, while hopefully inspiring some others to do the same along the way.

Again, thanks to all of you who have been with us since we launched the site a number of weeks ago. We look forward to sharing all of our exciting and delicious experiences along the way! If you see something you like or have any suggestions whether it be for the site, for travel, recipes, restaurants, etc. please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Share with everyone you know, and hopefully we can spark some with new found inspiration. Thanks for reading.

Safe travels, and happy eating!

Maria and Paul - Eat and Travel

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