Cannolisby Paul

Cannolis.  by Paul

"There cannoli be one king.

          -Pablo Escobar"

                        -Paul Winogradoff

I have always said "if I die, fill my casket in cannolis and I'll go to heaven happy." How couldn't one love the delicate crunch and crumble of a cannoli's shell, coupled with the perfectly sweet blend of the whipped ricotta cream? I've set on a mission to try cannolis from all around the world in search of my perfect cannoli. 

The perfect cannoli- does it exist? Cannolis are actually pretty simple to make; to perfect them is a whole other conversation. The perfect cannoli needs to have a few things in my eyes, the shell being the most important factor in my opinion. A cannoli shell needs that crunch and integrity that lets you know it means business. A shell needs that ever-so-subtle buttery, fried, but sweet taste and texture. If you have ever had a soft cannoli, you know exactly what I mean! The shell must be the luxurious vessel that carries the most precious of cargo: the cream (get the money. Dolla dolla bill y'all). Although I feel the shell makes or breaks a cannoli, the cream is near-equally as important. The best of cannoli creams needs to be thick but ever so delicately whipped, as well as perfectly sweet and smooth. Finally, the best of cannolis have a presentation and garnish that command a room. My personal favorites are ones garnished with chocolate chips, pistachios (an Italian staple), and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Chocolate shells are always fantastic too!! Although my search will never stop, with all this in mind let's check out my favorites from all across the world! 


Leaning Tower

Po'sto' Cafe

This is it. My Holy Grail of cannolis. It's crazy to think where life takes you sometimes. A random last second decision could bring you some of the most amazing opportunities that you may never get to experience again or otherwise. Moral of the story: make quick decisions and follow your gut (literally)! A  prime example of it here! My cannoli craving and curiosity was peaking after our climb of the Leaning Tower so I told Maria I was going to run in just see if they had one while we waited for our tour group to head out. May have been one of the best snap-decisions I've ever made! This cannoli was near-perfect. Fresh, crunchy shell, smooth and perfectly sweet cream, and it looked almost as great as it tasted. I almost wish I got a better picture to do it more justice. I give this baby a 9.6/10 and would make the trip to Pisa just for this cannoli each and every time I was in Italy if I had the chance. Couldn't recommend this little city and this little bar enough. 

Brewster, NY

Brooklyn Cannoli Co.

via Ace Endico

Nothing beats local and fresh. Maybe some bias here, but these cannolis from Brooklyn Cannoli Co by way of Ace Endico have to be some of the best in NY and are everything I look forward to when going home to Southern NY. The chocolate covered shells are my favorite, but their plain shells are just as much some to be reckoned with. The mini chocolate chip charged cream is to die for, even days later. The best part of these bad little things: buying the shells and cream fresh and filling them on your own! There is something about trying to master the art of making a beautiful cannoli. The fact that they taste as incredible as they do too makes them all that much more satisfying! 9.4/10 and consistent favorites of mine forever and always. 


Trevi Fountain

Bar Trevi

As we all know, the Trevi Fountain is home to one of the most famous works of art and tourist attractions in all of Rome. We were regulars at the Trevi Fountain for a number of reasons, one of which was Bar Trevi. Located directly to the right of the fountain (when facing it) Bar Trevi was great for two things as we passed through: their fantastic gelato and even better cannolis! I give this dessert missile a 9.3/10. A top 3- worthy cannoli for me and no doubt a top three food highlight of mine in Rome. For any of your sweet tooth needs while in Rome, definitely hit Bar Trevi to satisfy them!

Milan, Italy

Navigli District

Betto Milano

Not much is better than stumbling upon a diamond in the rough,  aimlessly wandering the streets of Milan. We only spent one night in the fashion capital of the world, but Betto Milano helped us make the most of it! One thing I appreciate about a good cannoli is when it is freshly made right in front of you. Being served on a gold dish is a nice touch too! I put this on par with Bar Trevi's masterpiece- 9.3/10 and a must eat while in Milano!

Florence, Italy

Piazza Del Duomo

Don Nino

Piazza Del Duomo is truly the Florence city center. There are so many great shops and restaurants all around- naturally we had to try as many of them as possible! Another cannoli that was made right in front of us and you could tell how fresh the cream and shell were! The gelato here was no joke either! 9.2/10


Rome, Italy

Municipio I

Ciao Bella

One of our most memorable nights had to be our NYE in Rome. What a great way to close our visit it was as we watched fireworks from the Spanish Steps amongst the thousands of others. We had a wonderful meal just prior at Ciao Bella to end our 2019 which was topped off with this beautiful treat! The biggest cannolis aren't always the best, but this one was wonderful. The shell was chocolate covered on the inside and overall a great cannoli. 9.0/10

Mahopac, NY

Morrone's Italian Deli & Cafe

The last 24hr had been quite long after being in and out of airports and flying halfway across the world. As Maria and I were about to embark on our 12hr drive back from my hometown to Raleigh, NC, we wanted to make a quick stop for some breakfast before we hit the road. Little did I know she would come back with this incredible surprise! Morrone's Italian Deli & Cafe had the best deli egg and cheese as well as the best cannoli I've had in Mahopac, hands down. The cannolis were freshly made when ordered and were the perfect morning dessert for our ride down the east coast. 9.0/10

Honorable Mentions

There's too many great cannolis in the world to not at least give them some sort of acknowledgement! See pictures of some of the honorable mentions below