What do you call a churro that likes exploring and goes places?

  I call him... Advenchurros...

CHURROS by Maria

CHURROS by Maria

When it comes to churros, Maria is a tough critic. I mean, the Argentine churro is a hard churro to live up to. Check out our rankings on the best churros we've tried below!


Old San Juan,
Puerto Rico
El Caminito de la Princesa

These bad boys take the #1 ranking on our foodie scale. We kid you not, this is the best kept secret in Puerto Rico. Luckily for you, we are here to give you the 411 on where to find these. There is a churro stand down a street known as the "Caminto de la Princesa" located in Old San Juan. We dropped a pin here and we will most DEFF be coming back to get some more. We legit stopped at this churro stand twice while we were on vacation, would have probably gone back 5 more times if we were there longer. All the churros sold at this stand are filled with a filling of your choice (dulce de leche, crema, fresa, or chocolate), you can also add toppings if you wish! Unfortunately, this vendor does not have a name for his stand but if you follow the directions we stated below, the yellow brick road will lead you there. #bestchurrosever

North Carolina
Green Flea Market

Durham, this churro stand makes you so badass. We found out about this hidden gem through some of our foodie friends. Located in the heart of the Durham Green Flea Market, this vendor is out there getting it. These lovely sweets can also be filled with the following fillings; cream cheese, caramel, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. We don't travel to Durham much but when we do, we make sure to stop here! 


San Juan,
Puerto Rico
"El Churro Bar"


These churros can be found at a restaurant called "El Churro Bar". It is located in the outskirts of Old San Juan and totally worth the drive. These delicious goodies are baked rather than friend and let me tell ya, they are so darn good! With more than 7 different filling options and over 5 toppings, you can't go wrong here! We chose to pair this snack with some hot chocolate and it totally hit the spot. If you are looking for more than just churros, this restaurant does have a full menu to order from! 

North Carolina
State Fair Grounds

Nothing can be finer, than some darn churros! Thank you Raleigh for bringing these delicious goodies around every year. This stand is located towards the exit near the kids section. Do not sleep on these, I promise they are worth every penny. Please take all of our money, we want all your churros!

I love the fair. There’s something about

Churro stand


For the record, I did not come to Italy to look for churros LOL. I laugh about this because all my friends joked about me being able to find churros in Italy out of all places. Paul and I stumbled upon a churro stand as we were exiting the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. The sign read "Dulce de leche Argentine Churro" and I was immediately sold. My mouth filled with dulce de leche with every bite and I was on cloud nine. I am not sure how often this stand is out here but if you catch it, I definitely recommend buying some churros! Oh and you can't go wrong when they're one Euro a piece or 7 churros for 5 Euro.

New York
"Las Mananitas"

Since I've known Paul, he's been ranting and raving about this restaurant in his home town. Not only is the view incredible here but the churros are 100% smack. Make sure you don't fill up on tacos because you'll want to eat every bite of this dessert. Served with a side of vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with cinnamon, these churros will satisfy your cravings. Paul and I shared this dessert but I kid you not, we could have totally eaten another order!


New York City,
New York
La Churreria


This churro restaurant had some fun dessert variations. Not only did they serve Spanish (Spain) styles filled churros but they also serve churro sundaes. Yes, you heard it here folks! This fun dessert comes in a variety of different flavors and will make your heart very happy. When we stopped by we ordered a dulce de leche filled churro along with a chocolate churro sundae. The Sundae had four churros and it was delish. I believe the churro sundae comes in 5 different flavors and you can also order the individual churros with different fillings.

Old San Juan,
Puerto Rico
"Chocobar Cortes"

These churros can be found at a restaurant called "Chocobar Cortes". This restaurant can be found in Old San Juan. We found this place thanks to Yelp, it is easily one of the highest rated restaurants on the Island. Word to the wise, make sure you make reservations ahead of time or be ready for a wait! This spot quickly fills up once its open. The churros here were light and fluffly, they were also paired with a side of home made chocolate sauce and these bad boys were flames. I highly recommend coming here if you want some tasty churros or are looking for a place with a variety of chocolate options.


Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn
New York
"Dulcinea" at Smorgasburg


Thank you Smorgasburg for having such a unique food scene. Not only do we get to try awesome food here but we get to enjoy these sweet treats! If you're looking for a crunchy yet soft churro, this is the place to get them. These churros are sold in what we like to call a "churro bouquet", and you can choose from five different dipping sauces to pair these with. After trying these churros, we will never "Brook" back. 

Honorable Mentions

New York City,
New York
"Sweet Churros"

Sweet churros is located at  food gallery 32 in New York City. This churro stand sells churros, churro sundaes, and waffles. You can choose to coat your churros in a variety of different toppings or pick from a selection of sauces to dip these in. If you can't decide what churro combination you want, no problem! This place offers a sampler box for just $10. What a deal, am I right?

If you know me, then you know that I abs

Indio, California
Coachella Music Festival
Churro Stand

Last but not least we have a plain churro from a stand at the Coachelle music Festival. To be honest, this is a step below Costco churros.The only exotic thing about these churros is that they're at Coachella. No hate on Costco, we love their churros!